Where have I been?

Hello again everyone!! So where have I been?

I gotta have my trusted Mug and iPad for inspiration

So I have been gone for a while and I swear I hated not being able to write or be active on my blog. I recently got a new job that I have been at for 4 months and I have never been happier. I am a receptionist at my local Community Center and I have never felt more at peace now that I’m working towards helping improve my community. For adventures, my husband and I went to the lake in Cour d’ alone with friends last weekend, and it was perfect due to the heat being horrible. There was also this cute little flea market in the Vally in town and i found some amazing things. Everyone sold vintage or handmade items and I love tat since of nostalgia. I have also been attending more city council meetings ( online) and getting my job ready for our annual fundraiser. For my next book review, it will be on all 4 books in Tracy Wolff’s Crave series. I haven’t read a young adult fiction in a long time and a friend recommended it to me. I am excited to share my opinions about the first 4 books. So life has been a bit hectic. Once preparations are done for my job’s annual event , my life should be slowed down and I can get back to writing more. So bear with me. Thank you so much for reading.

My wonderful husband and I.

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