Monthly Updated Spotify Playlist!

Hey Everyone!!

I am on week 2 of my job, and today was such a busy day with phone calls, posting social media content, and helping my customers with their concerns and requests. I love how understanding everyone was there, and i was by myself, which was scary, but i got through it. Tomorrow I’ll be by myself again, but i got the hang of it. So to end the day, I decided to go to Senior Froggie for dinner with my husband ,I got a vegetarian taco combo, and now I’m home writing.

Today, I have decided to post my monthly updated Spotify playlist. Lately have been feeling a bit spotanious and decided to mix some songs. I still have my metal, djent, and hip hop songs on my list as my last playlist post, but i mixed some genres. I added some 90s dance, rock, and rock alternatives. I have also been listening to early 2000 rock albums that won’t be discussed in this post. That’s a whole separate playlist. My job allows me also to play my music, so i gravitate towards rock alternative which helps make the day better. So I will post my playlist below this post, and i would like to know what your favorite songs are from this playlist. I would also love to know what your favorite songs are and, if you want, recommend to me new songs and artists. Thank you for reading!!

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