2022 Aspirations.

Hi everyone!! Oh my gosh, it has been a long time since I’ve written in my blog. 2021 has been a year of work, and i took a year off since graduating in January. After graduating, i spent the year working and hiking, getting healthier as my life has changed, and i was focusing on my job and my family. Last October was my husband’s and my second year in Spokane, and we entirely made our apartment cozier and all ours. We added more plants, fish, and my husband and i got a bearded dragon named Sherma, and a Crested Geiko called Ralph, who has been a great addition to our family.

My home!

For 2022 I’m still doing the same as last year, but i want to focus more on reading and doing more book reviews. Work has had me busy, so i will try to do a book review once a month. I also want to focus on sharing my music, and i am going to my first concert with my husband in March, so that will be fun, and I’ll do a review on that as well.

my husband and i last winter.

To write again feels so instinctive , and i will turn this into a hobby. I want to feel passionate about my life and do more to stay healthy mentally and physically. For 2022, i want to do more and accomplish more. I want to work more on my finances so i can get a house, start having a family next year, and one day become a mother. I’ll also be 30, so that will be a time for growing up and improving my life. I want my blog to be about growth, meeting new friends, and sharing my hobbies. So i guess this will be more of a journal in a way. Watching Half and Half, i am inspired by Mona to just write, and if someone reads this, then that’s one person i hope will become a friend. Have a great day, everyone! Happy New Year!!

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