2021 Aspirations

Hi everyone!!
It has been sooooo long since I’ve written on here. So much has happened in my life, and i just had to share it with you all. Since my last post, winter has gone, and during that time, things have been hard. I was still a temp for the hospital, my husband has had his health issues, and Covid 19 pandemic has had everyone up the wall and yearning for some form of normality. January of 2021, i finally graduated with my undergrad. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in English and with a minor in Mass Communication. That was the second milestone that has happened, i was so grateful that I completed college, and i am now a first-generation college graduate in my family.

The second change was i finally got hired full-time in my hospital, and i am no longer a temp, which is a relief for my husband and me. Thanks to my hard work, I am now an ambassador for my department, and that allows me to help my patients, and i work in a team of great people. Before back home, it was hard to be apart of a team because everyone wanted to fend for themselves, so this is a change. Wellness, mental and physical health were always essential to me, and my journey to weight loss can help me and help others in my charge.

2021 has been so good to my family and I so far. My husband and I have made changes to our home and spend more time with one another. Our city is on phase 3 of reopening, Spokane is close to opening, and by that time, most everyone will be vaccinated while still socially distancing. In the next couple of weeks, i plan to get back to sharing more of the books I’ve read and share new music i discovered ( which is a lot) and post them here. I hope you all have a great rest of your week and be safe!

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