Witch Of Nature chapters 4 and 5

Hi everyone!!

Today since I have the day off, I will be working on more chapters of my new short story for my Advanced Writer’s Workshop course. I’m happy to have a full day to myself because tomorrow I’ll be back at work for the next six days, and I’ll have no life. I’m almost done reading Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles so that book review will be up by Tuesday next week. Today I am posting chapters 4 and 5 of Witch of Nature, and these two chapters were indeed my favorite to write. Thank you for reading and have a great rest of your week!

Chapter 4

My whole body hurting , I go into my bathroom and put on the healing mask my mom made for me, rub it on my face. As soon as I washed it off, my cuts are gone. There isn’t much I can do for the bruises, so I’ll endure the pain. I look around my room, and I’m happy I created my spell for restoring damaged things. I made it up when I was seven. I was tired of having to clean my room or having broken toys, so I made a restoration spell, and it has been my saving grace since then. I close my eyes, and I muster my spell:

I’m tired of having broken belongings, make me sad. Restore what’s broken and make them rad again.

My room vibrates, a think cloud is around my room, and in a second, my room is back to normal. I know the spell is lame, but hell, it’s my spell that I’m proud of.

“Niome, hey are you okay, I heard noises and it sounded bad and serious.” Oh man, it’s my dorm advisor, Kathy Smith. 

“Um, I’m fine Kathy, I was watching construction videos on YouTube and the speakers to my computer it makes the sounds life like.” I open my door, and she looks skeptical, but she believes me. Kathy gives my room a look over and smiles at me.

 “Alright then,  just please bring the noise level from a 10 to a 3 and have a great night, okay.” I smile back at her and wave goodbye. She gives me another look over and heads back downstairs to her room.

“Thank you, Kathy, you have a great night as well.’’ I close my door, and I’m proud I was able to hide the pain I’m in currently. I get into my PJs, get into bed, and fell to sleep. 

I avoided my friends today as I couldn’t let them see me. I’m still shaken up by what happened, and I’m happy to have defended myself and take on Khia. After my Social Media class, I go back to my room, and I had to call my mom. “Mom, I have questions for you, and please don’t lie to me!”

I hear my mom breath in slowly and braced herself:

Niome 200 years ago, your ancestors were witches who had the power to control each element which you already knew. Our tribe all held power of each elements so together, they had the ability to protect the people of Juanden, which were an ancient tribe in Africa. Khia, as you know, was a promising Witch and an apprentice of your great grandmother until she had the idea to want to take over first her village then the entire world. She thought since she was powerful that she can overpower all of our village and take over the world. 

She almost succeeded at her mission until each elder put their powers together, bound her hands, and banished her to another dimension beyond this one. The amulet she wanted though, was a necklace created to hold ultimate power, and if she had gotten her hands on it, we’d almost be doomed and our people are gone forever. It’s like Lord of The Ring But with the amulet of power and only the worthy of witches gets to have it as well as weld it’s power.

Once my mom finished, I was in total shock. “But momma! Khia wanted the amulet she thought I had- ‘’

 Next thing I knew, I see this small shimmer of light. It’s emanating from my auburn jewelry box. My grandmother gotten me for my 16th birthday party, and it only contained 2 rings, a diamond-encrusted bracelet, and earrings. What could this be now?

“Niome, what’s going on is everything okay?” 

“Hold on ma, one second, please.” I slowly creep over to my jewelry box on my dresser and open the box. 

“Momma, oh my gosh, I think I found what Khia was looking for. How did that get in my jewelry box?” I hear her drop the phone and pick it up again. 

“Niome honey! The amulet of our people only appears to a witch if they find worthy of using its power, gosh donit , it finds your worthy!” 

Chapter 5

My hands are shaking, and I can’t believe I’m hearing this. “When I was attacked, my Khia, I couldn’t let her kill me, I had to defend myself. When I got her to leave, I must have proven to the amulet that I was worthy to wear it.” I was both fascinated yet terrified at this revelation. 

“Niome, now that you have the necklace, you have the power to stop her. You must also know that now that you have it, Khia will come back and kill you for it.” My mom just loves to get to the point right away. But really, she will try to kill me and I can’t let that happen.

“Mom , I need as much help as I can to defeat Khia and destroy her for good. Will you be willing to fight with me to bring her down?” I say this with confidence, but my heart is beating with anticipation. This is too much and I’m under pressure right now. 

“Niome , you are my daughter, and you know I will help you with as much help and power as I can. If you want extra power manpower, then you will need to go back to our village and get the help you need there. 

” Damn, I knew she was going to say this, but she’s right. “Alright, ma, when are we going to Juanden?”

“As soon as we can, honey. I can book our flight for the night day. Be there in 14 hours. “

I’m so upset and livid right now. Why did this have to happen to me? Why was I given this power? Why did the amulet pick me instead of choosing another witch? I’m shaking and holding my head at the same time, and I know everything happens for a reason. 

“Okay then mom. You order the tickets, and I’ll be at your house tonight, and we can drive to the airport tomorrow and go there together.”  I get up and start packing my suitcase now.

See you later Niome. Love you so much!” 

 “I love you too, momma, so much!

In the morning, I text Shawn and Jenny as I’m walking through the airport terminal to my 8 am flight to Africa.

Jenny: “Um why are you suddenly going to Africa?”

Shawn: “Yeah, why aren’t we going with you?” 

Me: “it’s hard to say. It’s a family emergency, and my mom is needed there to help out the village where my family is. Just enjoy your vacations for me, and I will see you both in 2 weeks.”

Jenny and Shawn: “Okay, be safe! love you Niome!!”

Me: I love you guys too! See you in 2 weeks! 

I put my cellphone in my carry on. 

My mom and I enter the plane and take our sits. “Alright Niome. Ready to see family and learn the traditions of our family?” My mom smiles while saying this.

We are on our plane, put our bags in the cabinets above our seats, and get relaxed in our chairs. 

I’m a bit nervous, but we gotta get this done and kill Khia. I know in my heart that she’s coming for me but I know she’s up to something and I don’t know what her plan is. I put my headphones in my ear, and the plane takes off and I drift to sleep for a much-needed nap.

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