My 2023 Aspirations.

Hello everyone and happy New Year!

Today is January first and I am looking forward to seeing what it has in store for my husband and I. 2022 was a year I said no more stress in my life and that included friends, family, and my old job. 2022 was stressful from working at my local hospital, finding a balance in my life was difficult, and dealing with health issues for both my husband and I took a toll on our bodies. Well, we both found great new jobs and we are around amazing coworkers and there is less stress in our lives. We could spend more time together and life got alot easier. I was even able to start reading more books, which I was happier about the last few months of 2022. Now, in 2023, I was thinking of what I wanted to accomplish, and I will share it here with my readers; my goals are something I want to reach this year.

My 2023 aspirations is to get more involved in the blogging community. There are a wide range of great writers on WordPress and I want to make more friends and write more as well. I plan on writing more this year and this post is my first post for 2023. I have found reading to be therapeutic and I want to turn my love of reading and writing book reviews into a career one day. I know its something to write on but, i know i have to work hard and if i keep at it i know that dream will come true. 

As far as work goes, it is amazing. I love that I’m able to work in a job that helps the community as well as event planning. I love being able to help meet our clients and build relationships. We have two programs for adults and children and I’m able to help them learn and also create activities that they can have fun and interact with their friends. Having fun is the main abjective and I have amazing co-workers that I can help when I’m at work and it does give me a sense of belonging and acceptance.

In 2023 I just want to focus on continuing what ive been doing and to continue to learn and grow with my husband. I want to help out with the larger events in my company and to go out more with friends and be more active in my community. I hope you all have had a great New Year celebration and i cant wait to read many of the posts you all will be writing and i want to interact more in our writing community. I do want to know what your aspirations will be and cheers to new beginnings. 

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