Panda Book Review:Time’s Convert: by Deborah Harkness

Hi everyone!!

Today i wanted to write my first Panda Book Review for Time’s Convert By Deborah Harkness. Thanks to the many posts of the All Souls Trilogy, I decided to read all three books A Disvovery Of Witches, Shadow of Night, and The Book of Life. Time’s Convert is the book dedicated to telling the story of Marcus Whitmore and Pheobe Taylor. I have always loved them as a couple since Deborah introduced Phoebe in book two, Shadow of Night.

We get a glimpse of Marcus’s life during the American Revolution in Massachusetts born Marcus Mcneil, and I was amazed by how Debrah gave so much detail of the war, pain, and distress of all the solders, and how Matthew gave Marcus a chance at a second chance at life after he felt as though he couldn’t go on. I feel as though Marcus was someone i can relate to, and he surely had a hard-knock life with an abusive father, Horrible relationships, and friends, and that drove him to have to grow up faster. Phoebe’s transition into being a woman newly made into a vampire, we see her growing up and becoming a fierce, badass, and loving woman to Marcus and i was so happy they have a happy endingthem both become one. Since she was prepared before her transition, she was able to quickly adapt and learn with the help of Marium ( Maker) and Fraya (Aunt). She grew closer to Marcus’s family and, in time, become the woman she always wanted to be, powerful, elegant, and De Clermont.

As you read the book, we all get an update on Diana and Matthew as well as the twins and boooooy, they are a handful. I loved how we all see how they handle life as they progress in life, and the word ” time” is used as it is a matter of looking back at the past and truly accepting that the past made us who we are today. ” Time ” is the journey we go on facing the pain of the past and accept that we can’t change what we did before, but like i said earlier, we can learn and not repeat the past. We create our future and make it to something we love. I listened to time Convert on Audible narrated by Saskia Maarleveld, and I bought and read it on my Nook Paper White. Both versions are worth pursuing, and I can say i enjoyed this book as a whole.


  1. I have A Discovery of Witches sitting on my bookshelf, and it’s been there for a long time 😂 I’m thinking I should pick it up soon and give it a shot! haha


  2. Oh my gosh you should! The whole trilogy was wonderfully written and I think Diana and Matthew are two of the best couples I’ve read in a book series. You won’t be disappointed.


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