Hi Everyone!

Hey, everyone, my name is Kayla Clark, and I’m the Spirited Panda! I chose this name because when it comes to Giant pandas, they are the most peaceful creatures on the plant. So for me, I want to live my life by them, and I am on the journey to enlightenment. I currently attend Southern New Hampshire University, and I am 7 months away from obtaining my B.A in Creative Writing with Concentration in Fictional Writing with A minor in Mass Communication.

As I post, I will share my love of pandas, gardening, Veganism, book reviews, and home decor as they are all my passions. I will share my Instagram post as well, which will post here, and I hope to meet new people here, and I also hope that I inspire others. In such, this is my blog, and I am happy to have a blog to share what is on my mind as well as share my hopes and dreams. Thank you for reading and welcome to A Spirited Panda Blog!

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