Weekly Spotify Playlist

Hi everyone!

Regardless of what’s going on, music has been a safeguard for me. Music helps me relax, get over an issue, or just have fun. Every sing holds meaning in my life, and so I make sure to save each song, and to share my list with you all is something I was nervous, but I got over that feeling lol.

Every week I will post my weekly playlist of new songs and display it here on my blog. Every song you will see on here, and I hope you like what you see and maybe add it to your Spotify playlist as well. Like if you find this entertaining, and thank you for reading!

Weekly Spotify Playlist 6/15/2020

Today I share my updated weekly discover playlist provided by Spotify. I love how Spotify listens to their listeners and provides a playlist that fits their personality and fits their taste in music. Last month I started to listen to meditation music with my husband and boooy, where has it been all my life. Ricky recommended it, and since then, I listen to it while working and also while I sleep. Meditation music has helped me to relax and also to forget all my worries. It helps me to find peace in times of sorrow and pain, so we make sure to only listen to that style of music at home. With everything going on in our society it is important to allow good thins in our lives instead of the bad. Below I will provide my discovery playlist for this week down below so enjoy and thank you for reading my blog!!!