Witch of Nature chapters 2 and 3🐼

Hi everyone!!

I have been so busy with work and college and i can say i have a week left of my New Media and Publishing and Nonfiction workshop courses. Life has been a bit hectic lately and i’m about ready for 2020 to be over but we all have to deal with the downs and in time things will be better and life will improve more as this year draws to a close. I have such an amazing husband through the tough times. He’s been my rock as well as confidant and I swear we have grown closer as the lockdown has us staying home and it allowed us to grow closer as a couple. I hope you all enjoy chapters 2 and 3 of my short story and thank you for reading!!

Chapter 2

“Hey, guys! Sorry I was late. I talked to my mom and had to work on my essay, so it took longer than expected.” 

“Girl it’s fine, Shawn and I are just glad you made it.” Jenny hands me the menu. I love this restaurant because it’s all vegan and its fine dining. The décor is so urban, and the staff is fantastic. “I took a deep breath and looked at my friends in the face. 

“So, what is everyone getting? I’m thinking of their chiken, not chicken Sandwich.” Shawn looks lost, and Jenny wanted the same as me. 

Shawn looks over his menu , “I’m going to have their Impossible Burger. It looks delicious!” 

“Oh, with a full basket of fries to share?” Jenny looks like a little kid excited about candy. Jenny smiles, and once the waitress comes, we give her our orders, and we talked about our day. 

“So Niome, do you have plans for tonight if not then we can all go see the Frida Khloe Exhibit at the Spokane community Museum?” our orders arrived in 5 mins. As I dug into my sandwich I couldn’t help but say no as I have to meditate and work on my healing potion in the forest tonight. 

“I wish I could but I can’t, I have a yoga class and then I’m going to bed early.” Shawn and Jenny both looked at me with disbelieve. 

“Oh my gosh, guys! Can’t you all believe that I do sometimes go to bed early after a long day? Jenny and Shawn share a look and laugh.

” No, we don’t believe that.” They both say at the same time. I shake my head at them. “Well, you can, and I’ll be doing just that.”

We all finish our meals, paid for our food, and leave the restaurant. 

“I’m going to start my night early. I’ll see you too tomorrow!” I get into my car and turn on the engine. “Shawn is my ride, so yes, girl, we will see you tomorrow.” 

“See you tomorrow Niome!” Shawn said and he  Jenny get into his car, and they are off. Once I’m at the light, I make a detour and head towards the forest to get to my studies for my craft. 

Chapter 3

Once I get to the North Creek, I walk towards my family’s cabin. North Creek is protected by my university’s Extension Forestry program and for 4 years, this place has been my second home. We have had this cabin for two centuries and it’s a small studio, with a kitchen, fireplace, and a full-sized bed. The interior is designed to resemble a 14-century Bungalow thanks to my great great grandmother and my mother.  I am calm once I enter the cabin I sit my things on the couch and went outside to say hello to the animals of the forest.

I have always had a connection with them since I was a child. My mother and father would always find me in the woods talking to the animals, and at six found out, I had the power to shapeshift into animals as well. My parents knew then that my affinity to earth was so powerful, and I have been practicing how to control my powers since then given they are sometimes unpredictable. I walk towards the lake and notice something is off. ‘’ What the hell is going on here?’’ I walk around the perimeters of my home and I see no animals out enjoying the night. No deers, bears, squirrels, or fish near the river. I look around, I hear nothing. 

I head back to my cabin grab my equipment and walk to my circle my mom designed for me four years ago. I set my candles up red, white, green, and blue for the elements and sit in its crisscross apple sauce with my hand in each hand. I close my eyes to meditate, and I’m in Astro projection. I love to do this as I get to patrol the forest, heal the animals, and tend all of them , but that’s not what I see. I see a tall woman 6,2, red hair, skin pale as a ghost, and all the animals in the forest are running. Somehow my magic showed me what happened 5 hours prior to me coming here.

The mysterious woman with red hair chases after some, and I see her grab slice the neck of the deer with her amethyst dagger than kills a moose, and she stabs a squirrel takes out the heart and eats eat in amusement.  I covered my mouth and wanted to scream my eyes soaked with tears but then the woman will hear me and come for me too. She then raises her hands, casts a spell I don’t recognize and her along with the dead animals all disappear. “What the hell just happen!”

 I fall to my knees and cry my eyes out. I’m trembling with fear, and I just hate myself for not being able to be here  earlier to protect the animals physically!

 I hurry to my body, and I continue cry some more as my friends were all hurt and killed by a witch as horrid and full of hate. The animals that got away are nowhere to be found and I can sense they are scared wanting to never be found again. I rush and pack my things and rush to my dorm room. I go to my grimoire, and I go to the page where I see the woman from the forest. Her name is Khia, and she’s a witch that is evil, powerful, and she was kicked out from her coven for acts against nature and wanting to enslave humans. 

My ancestors, with the power of each element, used their power to stop her and banished her to another dimension. If she was banished, how the hell she comes back to earth? If this witch was banished, then she can be banished again, right? I closed my book and decided to call my mother. “Mom! mom! Something bad has happened!” I cry the moment she answered the phone. 

“Niome, what the matter? “I had to calm myself before I continued. 

“I went into the forest to meditate, I Astro projected, and I saw this witch, red hair, white gown, and she slaughtered so many of the animals in the forest! 

Mom, it was so horrific! I jumped back into my body before she could see me.” I heard my mom drop glass. She must know whom I’m referring too. ” 

‘’Niome This witch was the witch your ancestors 100 years ago banished to the underworld. Khia is a nature witch like you and was once pure until she was tempted by greed and power, and she wanted to destroy the earth and enslave everyone on it. She was so close; she had the amulet of power, but luckily our sisters combined their power and vanished her, and our world was safe since then.

” I had to take this all in as I haven’t heard this story at all growing up. ‘

‘’Momma, why haven’t you told this story to me before. I mean ma, I have to know this as I’m the same as her as far as power and I can help take her down again.

“Niome, you are a good witch, but you still have a lot of work to do! you can’t do this alone!” My mom was always protective of me, so I understand her being worried about me. 

All of a sudden, I see this white ball of light appear, and I felt a force so heavy push me against the wall, and I’m in so much pain in my back.” Ow, what the hell was that!!” I heard my mom scream on the phone. 

“Niome baby, what’s wrong, whose there? ” I’m thrown across the room again, and this time I hit my head on the floor, and I almost blacked out. I touch my hand to my head. Ah, fudge there’s… blood! 

“Hello, little witch! It’s a pleasure to meet you finally. ‘’

‘’I’m sure you know who I am.” I turned around and there she is, Khia tall, long red hair, beautiful, and she’s emanating so much power. 

“Why did you slaughter and hurt innocent animals? What have they done to you for you to have hurt and killed them all?” I say this as tears fall from my eyes, and my body shakes with so much fear. 

“Little witch, I came back to take back what’s mine and take over this town for starters. Now I know you have the amulet I seek. Your ancestors took it from me when they banished me to the underworld, and I intend to get it from you no matter the cost. “I feel my eyes grow wide, and I know she isn’t here to get to know me. 

I’m so confused right now. “What the hell are you talking about? I don’t have the amulet you’re talking about.” 

“Don’t lie to me, Niome! I know everything, and my senses are telling me you have it. You must already know you can’t lie to a witch. Now give me the damn necklace!” 

I get on my feet, raise my right hand, and use my power to throw her across the room. Khia hits the ceiling and falls on the ground hard. Khia then staggers to get up, and she’s smiling with delight. 

“That’s all you have though Niome? Khia closes her eyes, mutters a spell, and she’s sending my books by my door toward me along with my desk, and I close my eyes to create a white elastic shield around me, and I’m okay. I get up, and I tackle her to the ground, and I begin to punch her, and we are now in hand to hand combat. I get her good in the face, but she kicks me in my gut, but it doesn’t faze me.  I pin her to the ground and I hope to reason with her as I don’t know what item she’s referring too.

“I don’t have your stupid amulet okay; I was never given it and don’t know where it is! Now go away.” Khia then shimmers away, and once she’s in the back of me, she kicks me dead on my back and I hit my head on the ground.

I get up quick and I give her a round house kick, and she’s now bloody around her mouth. I get on top of her while she’s down, and I have my dagger to Khia’s neck. Khia tries to pull me off her, but I have her pinned down again. She turns into a mouse scowlers away  and next thing I know, she lifts me up, cuts my face and slams me to the ground. 

“I’ll be back for you witch I will get that amulet somehow and don’t worry, I’ll come back to finish what I started with you.” In a matter of seconds, she’s gone. I look around and my room and its total mess, my face looks horrible, and I now have the incarnate of evil after me…

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