New Story draft🐼

Hey everyone!!!

Today i wanted to share a rough draft of my story I wanted to share with you all. Its entire;y perfect but I had the urge to share and i hope it’s good enough to publish online. My story is called Nature Witch so here it is. Thank you for reading!!

                                                         Witch of Nature

                                                           By Kayla Clark

Chapter 1

As I wake up naked in the woods surrounded by moss, leaves, and the warm brown dirt, I open my eyes to the sky blue,  grass green and wet, and I’m almost human again. The trees tall, vibrating with life and leaves swaying back and forth against the wind , and I feel well rested ready to take on the day. I use the tree to help myself up as my legs haven’t entirely changed back into human legs, got dressed, and I hobble back to my dorm room at Washington State University to finish getting ready for school. I head back to my dorm, and I get in nice and quiet since everyone is in class grateful , no one is around. I get a quick shower, put on my African pr yellow and black print romper, sandals, and I’m out to make it too my 9 am course.

Hi, my name is Niome Hunt I’m 21, 5,5ft tall  and I’m African American. My mom and dad are scholars. In secret My dad is a warrior and mom a witch. Both are professors at Washington State University, and so I know I have to succeed and graduate college.  Sadly my dad died three years ago from a car accident, so I have my mom, and we have grown close since then never gotten along before. I’m in my senior year at WSU, and after I graduate, I plan to work in publishing at Penguin Publishing House. The main thing that makes me different is that I’m a witch and I have to live in secret. It’s so stressful but it will forever be my life!

As I leave my dorm building, my best friends Shawn and Jenny meet me, and we are off to our philosophy class. 

“Are any of you excited about Midterms?” my friend Jenny asked as we rush to class. ” 

Shawn yawns.” I feel confident, though. I studied for 5 hours after I came home from the gym. Never mind, I know I’ll pass the test. I just have too.” We are walking along the white concrete sidewalk, and it’s cold but so lovely outside.

“I had a long night myself studying, then afterward I watched The Office so I had a good night.” I know I’m lying, but hey, they don’t need to know what’s going on in my life. 

Jenny and Shawn Laugh. “Even if you didn’t study Niome, you would still pass!” Shawn Said. 

“Yeah, exactly!” Jenny said, laughing. 

“She’s the luckiest girl I have ever have the grace to know, and I will always wonder how you always get what you want. “Jenny and Shawn share a look. 

I roll my eyes. If only they knew.

Jenny, Shawn, and I enter our Philosophy class. After class, I head back into my dorm, and I get a call from mom.

 “Honey! Honey! How are you? “I smile, and I’m happy to hear from my mom. It’s been about a month since we last talked. 

“I’m doing great mom. I just left my first class, and I’m going to study more before my economics class starts, which is in an hour! ” 

I pull out my laptop, started it up, and turned on Microsoft Word. 

“Are you at least practicing your craft, honey? You’re a nature witch, so you should be gathering your magic from mother nature. She is your friend you know.” 

I roll my eyes because every time we talk, she tells me this. 

“Yes, momma, I am every day, and I also went to the woods, changed into a bear and meditated.” I can feel my mother smiling. 

“You know if your father were alive, he’d be so proud of you.” I can’t help but get sad, but I know I have to be strong. 

“He’d be happy that I have the power to transform into any animal now and that I’m almost done with my graduates. I have to go now, momma. I have to study then I’m meeting Jenny and Shawn for dinner at Rüts.

 “Alright, baby. Remember your craft, and if you ever need anything, call me. I love you so much.” I smiled and sent my mom our telepathic hug. 

“I love you so much, too, momma.” I press end on my cellphone, and I get to work on my essay for my economics class. 

Once my economics class was over, I get into my car,  put on my driving playlist on Spotify and drive to Rüts, and Jenny and Shawn are there waiting on me. I went in and found my friends sitting at the far end of the restaurant in the back. 

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